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Our privacy policy is short because there is no fine print we are upfront and honest. We will not sell any information we collect but may use it for marketing products or to contact you based on an order, we also keep your information safe and secure and only a select few have limited access to it. Any questions contact us at privacy@topdollarretail.com.

General Company and Policy Obligation

Furthermore, all product images and details are provided by various 3rd parties including some of our major distributors and we are not responsible for any copyright violations or violations relating to products listed on our site. We are simply a store front for vendors to sell their products on and we are not obligated to any contract, agreement, or other 3rd party policies. If you have any concerns or issues regarding copyright or patent infringement you can contact the below vendors we use to retrieve product details. In addition Top Dollar Retail LLC is not responsible for any issues in shipment of product from a partnered distributor furthermore quality of product and end customer services are up to the brand owner and/ or distributor that shipped the item. Furthermore, most items on topdollarretail.com are dropshiped from a 3rd party and Top Dollar Retail LLC assumes no responsibility for their actions and conduct of business. 

Any matters regarding company policy or legal details not excluded above can be solved by contacting: legal@topdollarretail.com

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